DIY Cumin Ricotta Pizza


I have been working on DIY posts for the blog that are very simple recipes that have a “formula” to follow. These recipes can be customized to your guests’ liking, but I will share my fave methods and ingredients with you. The purpose of these recipes are to have a DIY spread (think Chipotle and Flat Top Grill) that allows guests to chose their own toppings or add on’s.

 The Jolly Hostess twist this week is my roomie dinner plan on the reg with my bestie, Betsy: Roomie Pizza Night. Ricotta is one of my favorite ingredients for DIY pizza because the small dollops create a gooey, creamy base for other ingredients.

Need a plan for friends coming in for the weekend? Pizza night is perfect to work together on din and share your faves. Prep all ingredients, lay out in small bowls and let your friends make their own masterpiece and I promise, they’ll love their foodie creation.


Ready to bake pizza dough (Trader Joe’s Garlic Herb is delish!) already baked naan bread if you can’t find the dough

1 teaspoon olive oil w/ a couple of dashes italian seasoning – for the crust

Pizza sauce (pasta sauce will work here too)


Grilled Pancetta


Chopped green pepper, onion, garlic and basil

Shredded mozzarella cheese

A few generous dashes of cumin – especially on top of ricotta dollops

A few light dashes of curry and turmeric


Set oven to 375 degrees.

Roll out pizza dough with lots of flour. The easiest way to get it out of the bag is to invert the bag with flour on your hands & a few handfuls in the bag.  Turn inside out and dump the dough out. Please thank Betsy for this trick, I’d still be trying to get the dough out without it!

Using a rolling pin – or wine bottle if you don’t have one – to roll out the dough into a circle.   A thinner dough will be more crispy, thicker will be more fluffy. See, wine is for more than drinking (but for sure have a swig when you’re done!).

Using a brush, put olive oil mixed with Italian  seasoning around the perimeter of the pizza.

Layer pizza sauce.

Layer toppings.

Layer mozzarella.

Toppings.  Here is where you can get wild and crazy! Betsy and I like to grab multiple ingredients and prep them in small bowls. I was feeling a Moroccan flair when making this pizza, so this is my Cumin Ricotta Pizza. It’s loaded and wonderfully spiced – tasting earthy, nutty and spicy. This step is up to you – go traditional, Hawaiian, meaty or veggie.

Set directly on oven rack and cook for 12-15 mins.  Serve.

Sometimes the best recipes are made by experimenting. So have fun with this one and share your creations with #thejollyhostess on social media.

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