How To Make French Vanilla Iced Coffee

I love hosting for my best girlfriends from high school. Not only are the times spent together just like our sleepovers when we were young (boys, Cosmo and never-have-I-ever are still topics of our conversations), but now we add mimosas and discussions about Lauren’s adorable kids, Brooke’s successful career and my food blog posts.  Our annual country festival weekend in Chicago can never come soon enough, and with these active, confident and dedicated women (Who run the world?), coffee is a necessity.

When preparing for the weekend this year, I remember how we took daily trips to Starbucks before the party-filled, standing room only, 3 day concert last year. Even though we all love Starbucks, it adds extra time that we could be relaxing before the big shows and can get pricey.  So, with the summer temp way up, I wanted to make an easy Iced Coffee Pitcher that did not taste watered down, was not too strong or bitter and could be enjoyed at home.  The Jolly Hostess twist this week takes easy, instant coffee set overnight in the fridge with a french vanilla flavor that is done just right. 

*Perfect for everyday use or for company coming in for the week.


5 tsp instant coffee like Folgers Instant Coffee Crystals or  Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee

2 tsp original powdered or liquid creamer

2 tsp french vanilla powdered or liquid creamer

Makes 1 32 oz pitcher or 4 cups; Prep Time: 2 mins; Cook Time: 5 mins


Iced coffee must be made the night before.  Fill 32 oz pitcher with water and heat on the stove or microwave until boiling (takes aprox 5 minutes).  Add instant coffee into empty pitcher and add water.  Add creamer and stir. I do half and half of the orginal and French Vanilla creamer so it’s a balanced sweet and refreshing drink. Place in fridge overnight and serve over ice the next morning.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, this Iced Coffee can be made just for you.  You like coffee black? Want to add Bailey’s Irish Cream? Love Pumpkin Spice creamer even though its summer? Soy iced latte? You do you, girl (and bro).

Have fun with this one and share your coffee creations with #thejollyhostess on Facebook or Instagram.




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    How are you in Chicago? Keep up the good work. Sandi and Bob. Settling in NE. Lobster anyone?


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