Killer Cozies

 Put your seatbelt on for these bad boys! This cocktail was created with Momma Jolly after a stressful day that needed some mother-daughter-against-the-world time.  It has been legendary ever since.  The Jolly Hostess twist in this cocktail comes from lots of lime to offset the sweetness of the Cointreau, for a balanced, not too sweet drink with lots of power.


2 ounces of vodka

1 shot Cointreau

2 wedges of lime

2 splashes of cranberry juice

*Makes 2 servings.

Combine vokda, Cointreau, 1 lime wedge and 2 splashes of cranberry juice in martini shaker.

 Use second lime wedge and lightly squeeze half around rim of two glasses; squeeze the rest in the bottom of the glasses.  Momma Jolly will double the lime for the extreme tartness that she loves!

Add ice to martini shaker, and shake away. Evenly split between glasses.




  1. breakottkamp

    This is THE BEST drink EVERR!! I do not particularly like “girly drinks” but this drink is awesome! Watch out these drinks go down easy and will turn you into a karaoke rockstar! I am so glad you posted this Alana! X

  2. Ok yummmmmm

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