Pimiento Grilled Cheese


Pimiento spread (Price’s is my fave!)

8 pieces of whole wheat bread

4 slices of  American cheese

8 slices of Canadian bacon

Makes 4 sandwiches or 16 services for an app; Prep Time: 0 mins; Cook Time: 20 mins


Place Canadian bacon on skillet on medium heat and brown on either side for 15-20 secs. These are quickies! Using the same skillet, or panini-maker/George Foreman Grill, heat butter on medium heat and spread around.  Place one side of bread down, spread pimiento and top with two pieces of Canadian bacon.  Place other side of bread on top of sandwich and after 3-4 mins, flip or press. Repeat for other sandwiches. Eat immediately to capitalize on the gooeyness. For dinner, serve in halfs, cut in fourths for a starter. Cheers!




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