2017 Survey

2017 Survey: it’s time to take it to the next level.

In lieu of a recipe this week, I’m asking for you to complete a short survey of only 5 questions (and only 30 seconds). As this is my second year of blogging, I feel it is time to get to know you better.  As a matter of fact, it is WAY over due!

Please follow this link for the survey.  I am so excited to hear your feedback because, ultimately The Jolly Hostess is a resource for easy appetizer recipes made for you.

 2017 Survey: Why?

The results of the survey will allow me to hear if the blog is working for you.  It will allow me to improve on recipes, understand what could make them better and develop a smarter plan for the future. And if there’s something that you just can’t get enough of, I want to hear, so that I can do more of it.  Honesty is key!

The survey will take you 30 seconds to complete and I will accept responses until Friday, 01/12. As always, thank you, loves!


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