Berries in London – the simple version


It’s Friday night as I am writing this and all I want is some Downton Abbey (I just started bingeing the show and when I’m a grandma, I better be as feisty and chic as Violet Crawley) a Subway sandwich with Italian Herbs and Cheese bread, and a Berries in London cocktail.  Tonight, I am putting myself in my readers’ shoes and this recipe has far too many steps for a start-of-the-weekend cocktail, right? In an effort to live up to my readership market and my own drive for simplicity, I’ve made this recipe possible with no blender required.  Promise, it’s just as good!  The new recipe is below:


4 oz vodka

1.5 oz apple juice

2 oz cranberry juice

3-4 drops balsamic vinegar

4 basil leaves, 2 per glass

Makes 2 servings; Prep Time: 5 mins; Cook Time: 0 mins




Put the first three ingredients in a martini shaker, add ice and shake, shake, shake. Split evenly between two glasses, add drops of balsamic and stir.  Add a  couple of ice cubes and two basil leaves each. The smell of the basil is enough to add a herbaceous aroma to this simple cocktail.


Have time to use and puree fresh berries? Recipe here: Berries in London.



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