Ingredient: jalapeno


Easy Guacamole

This Easy Guacamole is the best recipe for guacamole lovers.  So quick to make (10 mins!), creamy with all key ingredients for a simple and addicting blend: cilantro, lime juice and garlic.   Easy Guacamole is the busy hostesses’ life savor. You know when you have that week – I have them too! – when […]


Corn Jalapeño Salsa

Corn Jalapeno Salsa is a fresh blend of sweet white corn and spicy jalapeno combined to make a quick and well-balanced salsa, perfect for any sunny outdoor party. Bring on the Mangorita Champagne Cocktails (click & scroll to the bottom for recipe)! Where Corn Jalapeno Salsa was born. If a salsa could legitimately make you […]