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Corn Jalapeño Salsa

Corn Jalapeno Salsa is a fresh blend of sweet white corn and spicy jalapeno combined to make a quick and well-balanced salsa. Where Corn Jalapeno Salsa was born. If a salsa could legitimately make you happier, this would be it! My inspiration for this showstopper comes from a place that you’ve probably been a million times […]


Easter Ceviche

We always had egg salad when I was growing up.  As I was thinking about what to do with my left-over painted eggs from Easter (besides deviled eggs, of course!), I thought of all of my fave things about ceviche – cilantro, jalapeño, sweet corn & seafood – and what a great mix that would be with egg […]


Taco Bruschetta

Breakfast, brunch and booze. Or as we like to call it, BB&B. This amazing concept was created by my girlfriends to celebrate great food, some bubbly and our friendship.  This Taco Bruschetta was born on a BB&B Sunday afternoon when we found ourselves in a foodie predicament with the wrong ingredients for […]